Old Abbotsholmians' Club

The Old Abbotsholmians' Club serves to further the objects of the school and to provide a basis for continuation, renewal and encouragement of friendships between past pupils, staff, parents and other friends of Abbotsholme.

About the Club

The Old Abbotsholmians' Club, usually referred to as The OA Club, serves around 2,500 members. Most are past pupils, but many are former staff, parents and other friends of Abbotsholme. The club provides information to members in the form of the Year Book, Members List, Newsletters and a lively forum on Facebook which members can join in with their news. Face to face gatherings are held, usually at the school, at least once a year. The club also operates several bursary funds and other awards to help the families of members with their education. It is run by a committee, which is elected at the AGM. If you would like to join us on the committee, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. There is always lots to do, and if you haven't got time to come to meetings in person, you can attend by Zoom.


Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to register an interest in any event or to have your event added to the list.

Committee Members (Elected at the AGM)


The Club operates a Bursary Fund, a Scholarship Award and makes ad-hoc donations to specific appeals from time to time.

The Bursary Fund

We currently provide two pupils at Abbotsholme with support towards their fees, each being a child of a club member. Bursaries are provided for two year periods to pupils selected by the Headmaster.

The Tony Price Scholarship Award

The A.L. Price Sixth Form Science Scholarship is offered annually by the school, aimed specifically at promoting the sciences. Tony Price was an inspirational man who taught at Abbotsholme for 36 years, and was Head of Science and the Deputy Headmaster. At the end of their time at school, the recipient of this scholarship also receives an award from the Abbotsholmians' Club to help purchase text books or educational support material relevant to the course at their University.

Ad-hoc Donations

Over the years the club has made donations to many appeals and causes. In recent times we have supported the rebuilding of a school in Nepal, the synthetic sports pitch, the school library and the David Snell Building.

Your Help Is Appreciated

The Club very much needs your help to continue with its policy of supporting these causes and asks you to consider either making a donation or signing a standing order mandate to help swell the fund.

Donations by Post

Cheques should be made payable to "Abbotsholmians' Club" and sent to:

The Treasurer
Abbotsholmians' Club
40 Highfield Drive

Donations by Bank Transfer

One-off donations or regular payments may be made to:

Account number: 93784185
Sort code: 20-25-76

Gift Aid

When making donations, please indicate if you would like to make them Gift Aided. If you pay the basic rate of Income Tax in the UK, the Club can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give.

Contact the Club

Please let us have your suggestions, ideas for events, your news for the year book, updated contact information ... in fact anything at all!

Email: info@abbotsholmians.co.uk

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